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Dreams of a Joshua Tree Poem


Have you even seen a Joshua tree?

I mean, have you ever REALLY seen a Joshua tree,

and wondered the reason for their melancholy?

I like to believe that they have been petrified in place by the mighty desert SUN

locked in place in deep interpretive dance

Is there is ever a time when they are released

from their static incantation?

And perhaps, under the veil of the night

while you and I SLEEP

They dance across the desert dunes

Illuminated by

the stars

and the moon

And they move and sway

in the contour of the cold dry desert wind

They rejoice and converse

fall in love with the world

they make love

and they eat

and they ache

Surely some

well on their way

to a chic


New York City

Modern Dance Studio

to fulfill their dreams

of notoriety and fame

live the life of the socialite

as they make their mark on the world

of fashion and arts

so no one will will fail

to remember their name

Sadly, this are all but the dreams of the Joshua tree

for as the stars and the moon crawl through the sky

they will laugh some will cry

for they know that this night will come to an end

when the SUN

with its cruel, cruel dawn

comes around

peeks its hairs

from the distance above

Through the hills

And the mountain tops

Then they stage themselves

to accept their motionless faith

and the void that’s to come

they lament the things they will lose

and the things that they’ve never known  

they discuss and obsess how it wasn’t enough,

it just wasn’t enough

they approve and condemn the choices they've made

with a shrill though their core

they can sense

the warmth of the sun with the morning  approach

they take comfort in thought

a single delicate hope

that in a night like tonight

they will once again

be free from their bonds

will they remember the pain?

Will they dream while they sleep?

Or, do they lay there awake immobile and shocked?

will they remember the joy and the pain that night has brought?

will they remember the ones they hate?

will they remember the ones they loved?

Only the Joshua tree knows.