Art- Words - Music


“Life is but a blink of an eye. The thought of eternal darkness drives some of us to attempt to capture a fleeting moment in space and time in an effort to validate our state.”


Mario Carmona It is in the shape of women and the broken heart of a man. It's eccentric, shocking, and at moments, unexplainable. It's to possibly lose yourself in the wings of a fallen angel, or the mystery of a face behind the armor-its the chaos of distraction, pieces of heartache and rage.


It's our human condition to immediately embrace beauty and fear the unknown. However, at the end, it's for you the audience to find love in the tragedy of art. Born in Mexico City, Mario's influences have started with the Aztecs: from torture to execution into legacies, Cuauhtemoc, Montezuma and of course his personal favorite Quetzalcoatl. Fast forwarding, into centuries, and into the modern art world; Mexican Masters such as Diego Rivera, Frida Khalo, and David Alfaro Siquerios have been great references in Mario's delivery.


Mexico City for Mario is a place that makes it difficult to escape the kaleidoscope of culture that left an imprint in his vision to bring his craft to light on canvas. Rest assure, that Mr. Carmona's creations will often raise an eyebrow-give yourself the opportunity to find whatever it is that you once lost in your memory, in the shapes, colors, lines of the art.


“At age of 16, I moved to Orange County, California. The radical moved and severance from everything I have ever known resulted in a deep desire of self-expression and gave me the opportunity to clearly contemplate my experiences from beginning to end in the land of my birth. I feel very fortunate to have been to places in a system that in my opinion has supported and encouraged my work.” Mario resides in Fullerton, Ca. Corporate business owner, entrepreneur, artist and musician.